Ausschnitt Gangkarte Siegerland

to the new webpages of  "Verein für Siegerländer Bergbau e. V." (The Association for Siegerland Mining). Our objective is to prevent the history of mining and steel production of this area from falling into oblivion and to protect and preserve the still existing buildings and structures for generations to come.

The beginning of the now inactive iron mining activity in the area known as "Siegerland" can be verifiably traced back to the era of the Celts. Thanks to the tireless commitment of local historians and archaeologists, we can date the beginning of the iron industry in Siegerland and neighboring areas all the way back to 500 years B.C.E. More than 700 prehistoric and early sites are known within the historical district of Siegen.

In the year 2005, there came the idea to open mine adits as public landmarks of the local montane industry in order to research their history and present the results to the public. Additionally, this contributed to nature conservation, especially by protecting bat populations. In addition to the annual Wilnsdorfer Mineralienbörse and the ongoing support of the museum in Wilnsdorf (Förderturm Niederdielfen), there are other mining-related projects taking place. Please follow the menu item "Projects" in order to find detailed  information on our work.

Our members will happily answer any questions about our association and the local iron mining history.

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Glück Auf! - or Godspeed!